Friday, 13 June 2008

Plants and Music

Sometimes you see something that you weren't interested in and it absolutely grabs your imagination. This happened to me when I dropped into Craft Victoria and had a look at the current exhibitions.

In the main galery is Dylan Martorell with "Umbel Ballits". It's more like a workshop with drawings, machines, experiments and growing potatoes. And it's all about music!

Dylan is a musician who has created music based on plants. The drawings are music scores, detailing both notes and frequencies, the like of which I've never seen before. You can read the notes and how they change, where they start and finish. The drawings, on graph paper are beautifully mathematical in themselves and we can see them working during the exhibition. He's going to do some performances, as well.

It's completely fascinating and reminds me of the weaver who wrote an article in Handwoven about creating a weaving draft from music. I didn't understand alot of the more technical side of the music, but it has grabbed my interest and imagination, and I'm left wondering about it all.

The exhibition runs till the 28th June. (

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