Thursday, 3 July 2008

Access Arts

Today I have my interview at the CAE for entry into their Access Arts course. This is a fine arts course which covers, amongst other things, sculpture. It's an intense 16 week course and is my first toe into the fine arts ocean.

I have to have a portfolio of my work which I've never done before. I have attended drawing classes both locally and during the Studio Textiles course, so I had plenty to choose from. However, it was fairly easy to choose few as many weren't finished or not that good.
I've printed off my resume and the cuttings and photos I have of my sculptural award winning piece. Very impressive?
I am very nervous as this is becoming more important as I look at my work. Most of my drawings and paintings are from 2002 or before then. The course covers alot of ground in a short time, but I'm hoping to keep up after the course is finished.
Wish me luck!

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textile tragic said...

Hey Teresa
Hope the interview went well. Your drawings are great--come up really well on the blog and really give a 3D impression. Wishing you luck:)