Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Educating Teresa

Ok, I know some of you are interested in how I went with my Access Arts you might guess from my lack of information, I didn't get it. (sigh!!) However, if you want a lesson in how you should treat people, then the people at the CAE Access Arts are a great example.
During the interview, they were very encouraging and expressed a liking for my work and how I would get alot of value from their course. However, there were 50 applications for 18 places, and, as it turned out, suggested that if I didn't make it to apply again, which I will.
Even more impressive was the phone call the next day to say that I hadn't made it into the course, but encouraged me to apply again and also suggested that I might take some painting courses. Not only had this not been mentioned in the interview, but I would have admitted that this is indeed a week point. Obviously, time and care had been taken in looking at the applications. I will take all their advice and am about to enrol in a local painting course for this term.
I've also included a photo of the marvellous yarns created by the participants in the Bendigo workshop. Aren't they wonderful! As I say, you learn as much as you teach when you give a workshop, this is certainly true.

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