Monday, 28 July 2008


What a busy boys weekend. Both boys started their Spring tennis season (misnomer!), one with a good win, the other with a devastating loss. Saturday afternoon was spent making a huge banner for our youngest to run through for his 50th game on Sunday. This was successful as the banner disintegrated in a most satisfying way and the team won. Friends and family finished a most satisfying weekend.

However, I have been working. I have two weeks to get a good photo of the progress on my newspapers, totems and eyes piece. This is a short time frame and I will send off as much as I have.

I've been given some already shredded paper, which I'm spinning up. Because it is quite short, I'm using a cotton core to spin over. This has made joining easier, if not always neat and it's spinning up fairly fine (for newspaper) and fairly quickly.

I now have my totems. Originally, the base was to be larger and the poles shorter, but, I've just taken those I found at Reverse Art Truck and was playing with the arrangement and I liked the tallness of it all.
So, I'm on my way. Eyes will come and I think I've worked out how they will attach, but more on Totem poles another time.

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