Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Painting classes

I started painting classes yesterday. Fortunately, I haven't finished the picture, so none is appearing on the blog. I am likely not to finish, as this seems to be how I work, in any medium. But I am determined to improve this aspect of working. Next week, I'll work on it, and, attempt to finish.

I am happy with the class, the first thing she bought in was some Balinese puppets to paint, so she has won me over already. She offers enough advice, but is not overly hands-on.
I have just received the Jul/Aug edition of Selvedge. It has a stunning cover, hot summers are evoked and the magazine is full of Indian block printing. Wonderful pictures. Unfortunately, I get the feeling that there is a little too much selling of product, so I'm going to have a good look at this issue to ensure I'm still getting the articles. I know that there is a promotion of artists in this, but from the distance of Australia, currency exchange and postage, don't encourage the use of the artists showcased in this way.
I did love this article on the lei. Aren't they beautiful, and not your tacky tourist form. Really beautiful artform.
There was also an article on photographer Tom Walker. I don't know the name, but as he's done alot of work with Vogue I did recognise one of the photos.
I've always been attracted by the Princess and the pea fairytale and I love this version of it. Made me think of why I like it, searching for the perfect princess is not really something that I would want to promote. But are we sure she's a princess....or just some very savvy female who's worked out the game! I also love the shabby sheek of the photo.

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