Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Spinning fine

I'm holidaying down at the beach with youngest son, and busy trying to spin 50grams of fine wool for the Sheep and Wool Show. I'm not sure how this skein will turn out as time has prevented me from sampling.

The main problem for me is what to do with this skein. I'm timing myself and am currently at two and half hours for the second single. I still have most of that skein, double it and add the plying! I'm not likely to sell the skein and it seems a bit of a waste simply making a scarf.

I have been interested in trying another 'knit a trip' piece, but maybe this time it should be more of 'knit 2008' with symbols surrounding this year. For example, taking a train trip to Bendigo could inspire railway tracks. Sounds a bit kitch, but could be worked on.

I could combine it with the idea of a totem and think of a pole I could wrap it around. Perspex springs instantly to mind. Planning is also required, I probably would draw this one out before attempting more. I also need to consult the 'real' fine spinners and knitters that I knopw for advice on how far this skein will go.

Lots to think about. More spinning should help that.

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