Friday, 1 August 2008


I had been wanting to go to the Art Deco exhibition at the NGV International, and a friend, who had been said that it was fantastic, made me so determined, I went on Wednesday.

It was fantastic. It covers an amazing array of articles from jewellery to clothing, ceramics, paintings, textiles, even a car and the front door and stairs from the Strand Hotel in London. All were fabulous pieces, well presented with a really good use of modern technology scattered through the exhibition. I particularly liked that they had scanned one of the sketch books of a designer, and you could, electronically, look through the book.

Most of this has come from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, with the Australian experience woven into the exhibition. It gave it breadth and relevance. The pieces were exquisite, some of the jewellery.....well all of the jewellery was amazing. I only managed to go through the exhibition's also large, so I don't have a favourite piece. Worth a very long visit, or repeated visits.

Note: Art Dec 1910-1939

NGV International. 28th Jun - 5th Oct 08 (Cost: $22)

I also received a beautiful gift in the mail, in exchange for some information, for which I had already been rewarded, so a double bonus. Lewis Harper made this yarn wrap measuring instrument which includes 1/2 inch and 1 inch lengths, beautifully woodturned in pittosporum. I love it. Give him a ring if you want one!
Note: Lewis Harper - Woodturner
Phone: 52784606

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