Friday, 29 August 2008

How plans change

Had this weekend all planned, well no plans really, that was the point! One crazy idea....well I thought it was crazy......revealed, and what do you know, I'm spending Saturday and Sunday afternoons, spinning and knitting at Incube8tr (12-4pm).
So in preparation, this is meant to be also an opportunity to go to work!, I've been cutting up silk to use in my silk scarves. I've dyed the first lot, and I've practiced my woollen spinning, so I can create a yarn to ply with the silk. I think the wool gives a better fabric with some of the bounce of wool and it doesn't detract from the silk.
My next dyeing will be with some Rosemary, inspired by India Flint. I always have rosemary in my garden, for remembrance, and my bush is somewhat overgrown, though, right now in glorious flower. It's supposed to give a green, we'll see!
What adventures! So, if your in the area, pop into Incube8tr and see this gorgeous shop with me in it, it might just be the shop for you.

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