Sunday, 17 August 2008

Knitting for love

Sometimes it's just nice, knitting a basic pattern, with wool from your stash for family. A no-brainer with a happily satisfied receiver.

My oldest son (17) is obviously feeling the cold at the moment and put in a request for some gloves. Could I make them for tomorrow?, but I'll do them on the weekend.

He didn't want fingers as he wants to wear them in class and even short fingers can be awkward, so we modified the pattern, kept the thumb, left off the fingers. Did both of them yesterday, met with approval and we're all happy.

It did mean that I had to find this very safe and reliable pattern book. I don't know how many times I've used this book for measurements, patterns...just the basics. I even lost it for awhile and HAD to buy another before I eventually found it.

It is a bit dated, but what the heck!

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Leonie said...

Just goes to show oldies are goodies, I have that book and refer back to it often! Made my first pair of mittens for my grade three teacher from it!!!