Wednesday, 27 August 2008

SnB fun

SnB was a great deal of fun, but it did start disastrously for me! The boys had a curriculum day, so it was a bit of a crowded and slow start to the day. Having finally sorted them and myself out, I went to grab my knitting to head off to SnB. I am only the raglan top of the second sleeve away from finishing this off. To my horror, after furious searching of house and car and the gradual dawning of the realisation that I had left the knitting at the beach. No problem I have some socks, which were meant to be my next project. These were found...missing one four needle...more hunting....found. Hooray! Headed off to SnB, 20 minutes (of good knitting time) late.
I could hear them as I rounded the corner. We had a bumper crowd, already well into their projects, enjoying each others' company. Terrific morning.
For those of you that are interested, our new knitter has completed 63cm of her scarf, which is looking gorgeous.
I went home and finished the socks. I like my socks, they were knitted with some bargain basement Bendigo yarn, obtained on last year's trip to Bendigo, at their shop. I need new socks and am a bit disappointed at the commercial stuff. It's either too thin...I have cold feet....or, uninteresting, so I'm going to knit my socks. There is nothing like handknitted socks. Everyone should try at least one pair, just to know what everyone is talking about. So I'm off to Woolybutt today to get some sock yarn, ready for next Tuesday.


Knitspingirl said...

Hmmm ...
Handknit socks ...
Welcome to the dark side - Mwa ha ha ha!!!
Love Tammie

Teresa said...

Hi Tammie,

Trust you to come out when socks are mentioned. You should see what I bought yesterday!

Cheers, Teresa

Moorecat said...

Yay for our new knitter!

I tried to add a new one to the flock last weekend, but DD is just not quite ready for it. I'm determined to not be a pushy knitting Mum...

Hey Tammie, good to hear from you. Where are you posting from?