Thursday, 7 August 2008

Woollahra Sculpture Award

Well it's done. I've sent off the entry form for the Woollahra Sculpture award. That was hard. The award attracted over 400 entries last year, with only 40 selected for the $10,000 first prize. So it's difficult to imagine that I'll make the cut, so motivation was quite difficult.

I am, however, very pleased with what I have submitted. I had been worried that I haven't been doing as much sculpture over the last year as I've concentrated on the 9x5 market and other retail opportunities, and that, as a result, my work wouldn't be strong. This is probably one of my best resolved pieces with the ideas coming together and the construction falling into place as well. And it is alot better submission than I put in two years ago.

I do need to keep working on this, I do want to finish, so I have something available if other opportunities arise. And I wait for the 22nd August, when the final 40 are announced.

1 comment:

Moorecat said...

Think of it as a Tatts ticket, with better odds :)

Keep going, you'll get there!