Friday, 5 September 2008

Au revoir to Incube8r

This week is my last week at Incube8r. I'm quite sad about this as I really like the idea and how much thought, caring and energy have gone into the shop.

I'm not entirely leaving though, as I will continue to drop in to the shop and sit and spin on the occassional Saturday afternoon.

I hope to make a big effort for next winter and get back into the shop, depending on the ever growing waiting list.

I have put in some more 'cuffs' into the shop for a last fling. All red and black! I haven't really done very much with these. They were inspired by Bjork at the Big Day Out, if you remember, and have sold. They've been fun to make this week.

Times like this always make you think of what can be done. Really great results, require alot of time and energy to make things work. Trying to divide time between family, house, groups, and all sorts of other ventures does put a large dent in your time committment to any one area. For me, I've come to the conclusion, this is my reality for the moment. So progress is always going to be small and slow, but it is progress.

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