Saturday, 20 September 2008

Don't judge a book by its' cover

Looking for inspiration is always a pleasant experience.

I managed to find a Nicky Epstein book, only to find that it was on hold. Looking for a second time, I was a little desperate, I couldn't walk out of the library without something. This book did not look promising. Terrible looking 70's thing with an uninspiring title. It turned out that it was written in 2005. Couldn't someone have done better, there is very little that draws you to this book.

Except when you open it. It is full of fantastic ideas, swatches, techniques. I love it. I spent the evening just looking through it.

So excited was I that a small ball of leftover yarn was converted into a little sample of icords being included in the knitting, not just as a trim. I could see them going all over the place, both sides and extremely long.

I love libraries.

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