Monday, 29 September 2008

I love weaving, sometimes

Finally warped up my loom to make some of my 'Woven Memories' hangings. I thought I'd play with using my handspun yarns and recycled materials. I have my Experimental Spinning Birthday skein to make one for me, and I'll make a couple for sale.

This has got to have been the worst warp I've ever done. I like to think that I'm careful and don't make many mistakes. That nylon wire has made an idiot out of me. I did finally get it all right, then a broken thread. This stuff is hard to handle. No excuse, I've done it before!

I am happy, though with the way it's weaving. It should look spectacular at the beach.

I did retrieve my knitting from the beach and have, sort of, finished it. I'm not happy with the neckline and will open it up a bit more. I didn't finish the front twisted cable panels properly, just for this possibility. It's the right size, but is a bit tight around my tummy. Hopefully, it will be all right with a pair of jeans.
I'm still not sure if I'm totally happy with this jumper. We'll see after I fix the neckline.

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