Wednesday, 22 October 2008

I've finished a painting

I've finally sorted out a little computer issue that has made blogging difficult. Should be good now.

I have been busy! I've finished another painting. This was an incredibly good exercise in colour. Being a technique where you only apply dots of paint and you build up layers of all sorts of colours, I'm happy with the result and may just have sorted out some of my colour issues.

I really don't always comprehend the use of colour, but this exercise and the mantra 'it's only paint and paper, so it doesn't matter', have helped enormously.
I have also completed this scarf, which was really an exercise in casting off and casting on. I used a beautiful boucle to hide the cast off and on edges, which don't always look good. It created a really great ladder up the middle. Though it does take a long time and boucle doesn't make it any easier, I'm happy with the result. So much so, it's gone straight onto Etsy.

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