Tuesday, 14 October 2008

More fractal spinning

I have spent the weekend spinning around town. On Saturday, I spent the afternoon at Incube8r and managed get a good start on my new fractal spinning skein. Incube8r was not very busy. We were wondering if the combination of a beautiful sunny day and perhaps a feeling of gloom kept people from coming out to shop.

You do remember this beautiful Hand-dyed silky wool I bought at the Australian Sheep and Wool show in July from Virginia Farm Wool Works ( I decided that, as it had very definite areas of colour and the colours are very distinct, this would be excellent for another try at the fractal spinning.

The 9"x5" market was on Sunday and it was very quiet. We did, though have a little celebration in advance of children's week. So I sat there with some very bright red, yellow, blue dyed English Leicester and taught some children to spin on a stick. This was fun and surprisingly successful. It is difficult to do, I did manage to rope my youngest into sitting on the stall for the day, but I doubt he'll do that very was a very quiet (read boring) day for him, though I did appreciate it.

I also did manage to spin more of my fractal stripe. If I manage to get the colour happening well and then knit something to suit, there are those waiting for the result. It is a beautiful 120gms of the loveliest coloured wool.

Today is SnB and our new spinner has finished her scarf and is looking for her next project. A shawl, but as she is of smaller stature wants something elegant or unusual, even maybe with armholes(?). The Wendy Dennis wool she has is thick (around 8ply to 10ply) and multi-coloured. She'll be doing a sample with feather and fan today, just to see, but is willing to try something else. Suggestions anyone.....


Moorecat said...

Do you mean new spinner or new knitter?

If spinner, when did this happen?!?!?

How about "Sleeves in Your Pi"? It's a circular shawl with sleeves put into it, but there's no reason you can't just make them armholes.

Otherwise has a free pattern for a Pinwheel Jacket, and is essentially the same idea.

See you Saturday?

Knitspingirl said...

Oooo fractal spinning!
What a shame to have missed it ...
George is very interested to see/meet "Georgina"!!