Thursday, 9 October 2008

Not more fingerless mittens

With the market (9"x5" QMM) on Sunday, I've been finishing off these fingerless mittens. I just thought I'd show you all as these are the brightest I've done yet. Several requests/queries indicated that I needed to make some purple (I can do that), pink (!) and aqua (?). I also threw in some onion-skin dyed yarn, which is much more me.

It's interesting doing colours you wouldn't normally select for yourself. I decided to purchase some handspun yarn from the HWSG in pink and purple, and use that. I haven't worn pink since primary school. Mum made me a hot pink drop waist short sleeved dress. I did like it then, but since haven't worn anything like it.

However, I do feel that somehow, they've become a product of my personality and I like them. Hopefully, they go well on Sunday.

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