Wednesday, 15 October 2008

What did you first knit?

Snb yesterday was a joy. Lots of people, sharing projects, ideas, yarns, problems and even finished projects. Here is the scarf of our new knitter (I think I said spinner, yesterday...probably wishful thinking on my part!) And here is her sample feather and fan. A whole morning was spent winding the yarn for her next project and she is very excited.

My show and tell for the morning was the yarn I dyed with the Red Onion skins. I didn't start with any mordanted yarn and that gave me the dark brown. The second skein was dyed with the remaining dye and some copper coins in the pot. I'm not sure the coins did much, I think I'll try a much more scientific method and actually pre-mordant properly. Unfortunately, I do have to wait for the red onion skins as Jenny at the Greville Rd Fruit supply doesn't supply as many.

I did like the colours achieved and found a pattern in one of Barbara Walker's pattern books, called 'String of Purls', which just might make a nice pattern with the two colours.

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