Monday, 24 November 2008

Spinning all weekend

With a wet weekend, cancelled sporting committments and no reason to go out, I decided to spend the weekend spinning. Remember this...

...well it turned into this....

I was, however, disappointed. The tops that I'd bought were a beautiful colour, however the dyeing had caused some felting, not too bad and it may have actually helped with splitting the roving. However, the dye had not penetrated evenly through the roving which meant that there were a lot of pale areas which dulled the final skein.

This is a good lesson for when buying dyed tops or rovings, just check how well the dye is distributed by doing a little digging.

As this was more fractal spinning, I managed to split the second half quite a few times though my guessing of half was a little out, so you can see that I have a small skein that I Andean plied.

The next exercise with the fractal spinning that I want to try is to use distinct colours and see what happens. I have a bag of red in the garage!


geschichtenvonkat said...

hi teresa,

just found your blog through your etsy shop, it's nice to learn about your process and all about fibers, always wished i knew more about that was me who bought the onion skin dyed fingerless mittens :)

i recently have started a blog myself and decided to show off a few of the items i'd bought/received lately..of course your mittens are included and i just wanted to say hi and let you know!

Teresa said...

Glad you found me, geschichtenvonkat, always nice to hear from readers. Let me know your blog, I like to read about people who I have a connection with, even if the connection is a pair of mittens.

Cheers, Teresa