Thursday, 8 January 2009

Chasing the rainbow - samples for a class

The class that I'm giving for the HWSG of Victoria is a class I called 'Chasing the Rainbow' which I ran for the lovely Bendigo Spinners and Weavers group.
I've taken out a little bit and concentrating on these three yarns.
The aim of the class is to find ways of using those multi-coloured tops which we are all seduced by but often end up with mud. Isn't that so true of life!
Unlike life, for dyed tops, I do have some answers. In doing so this becomes an excuse to learn a number of techniques which can be applied to anything.
The first is fold over finger spinning where you fold the top over your finger and spin from the centre. This is a semi-woollen method of spinning and what it does is allow you to spread the colours out so that each 'strand' of colour is drafted somewhat separately giving a good semblance of the original top.
As an alternative I get them to split tops and spin those.
The three yarns are:
1. Continuous bullion. This has been successfully used by many people including Lexi Boeger ( who calls is Coils.
2. Core wrapping - carefully. A useful technique for dealing with difficult fibres but in this case allows you to wrap the split top and gives a different look as you wrap from the side. This is subject to an array of variations which I still need to explore.
3. Core wrapping - roughly, where I wrap and 'break-off' the tops. This makes it light and fluffy.
I enjoyed this class last time I ran it and we created some amazing yarns.
I have also been asked about drop spindles. Yes, I love drop spindles, but these are a leisurely pursuit where I tend to just spin singles. There's a challenge: to spin slubs! More to come on that!

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