Friday, 20 February 2009

Starting the market on Saturdays

Well, here's my box full of yarns, labelled and ready to go. I've finally done it properly and all my fingerless mittens, wristwarmers and cuffs have also been properly recorded and labelled.
The 9x5 market has changed it's day to the 3rd Saturday of the month and tomorrow (21st) is the first market for 2009 on a Saturday.
I've revamped the look of my stall and hope that helps people look at my work in a new way. (I'll try and remember to take pictures)
I am however, not feeling particularly optimistic. My last few markets have not been particularly successful and trying to sell wool in Summer seems to be a sort of hopeless task. Five months on Etsy with only two sales seems to only add to the negative outlook.
This blog is supposed to be about inspiration, not about frustration and doubt, but that is part of the process. I'm just not sure which process I'm in.
I hope lots of people come.


Textile Tragic said...

Good luck with it . . . I'll be thinking of you.

Moorecat said...

Have you worked out how to be in two places at once?


Oh dear...