Saturday, 14 February 2009

Woolybutt entry

I finished my entry for the Woolybutt Summer competition. I'm quite pleased as the challenge was a tricky one for me.
Having only 2 balls to play with, the article had to be small. It also had to be useful, as they're being given away. I thought I'd do a little top for a girl. Another challenge, as I don't really do cute!
I started knitting from the top with moss stitch, then some holes to thread an i-cord tie through. I'm hoping that this makes it adjustable. I knit this flat, but decided to sew down the front leaving a gap, when the bottom moss stitch commenced.
Icord ties were add knitting them on the edge as I went. I made two hearts (thanks Tammie) and added them to the front. The smaller one wasn't so neat, so I overlapped them. Ooops, no that was a design decision!
Anyway, Lorraine now has my entry. I'm looking forward to seeing the whole display. Should be great as there is some lovely work. Well done, everyone.


Chrisy said...

Oh u clever thing!...this is wonderful...u did cutesy very well!

Textile Tragic said...

Well, for some-one who doesn't do cute, that's pretty cute! Well done:)