Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Flattened totem poles

I've been battling for the last week with my entry for the Old England Outdoor Sculpture Award, and, finally, yesterday I thought I had it licked, only to be greeted this morning with a very flat piece.
I left it out last is supposed to be an OUTDOOR sculpture, thinking that all I had to do was one more piece (the other is also flat!) and I'd just make it.
I've let Tony at Banyule City Council know that I'm pulling out, which was a big decision for me as I have entered the last four years.
It's hard to know if I've learnt anything from this.....start earlier....but I knew that and worked hard to overcome the problems. I just feel relief really.....
Paverpol - it does do what it says except:
1. to get a really good set you have to use alot of product and you can't water it down to thin it out, and it's expensive to do a big project like this. It doesn't help if you step in the tub, spill it and scoop it up again as best possible.
2. I think it makes the fabric too brittle to support any weight. That would explain why all the examples they show are built around a frame.
I still would like to pursue this line of work. It was starting to look good. However, I think I have to abandon the idea of getting fabric to stand on its own. I know that sounds a bit obvious, but you have to have some theory on which experiments are based.
Now I'll relax and make hearts.......


Moorecat said...


Mother of two has 12 hearts; film at eleven

Three sleeps to go


Leonie said...

They look so sad in a pile there. Sorry it didn't work out for you this time.