Monday, 2 March 2009

Sculpture everywhere

Today is the first day of classes and the first class, this afternoon, is SCULPTURE. An introductory day, according to the very detailed course handbook, this class is 'Presentation of the history of sculpture and it's relationship with contemporary artists working with sculpture. Introduction to set project: cardboard sculptural form. OHS issue in a sculpture studio will be discussed.'

Lots there for me to think about. I also need to keep a Visual Art Journal, and if I'm going to take full advantage of the course, then I need to be putting something (drawing) everyday. I'm trying.....

Sculpture is obviously an important part of my work, it crops up all the time. This weekend I've been working on my entry for the Old England Outdoor Sculpture award, which I've entered four times, the first time I managed to win. This time I'm hoping to make a much better entry and have severely dented this by not having a clue what I was going to do and only having three weeks in which to do it.

I continue to work on totem poles, a metaphor that seems to resonate. This is the first large scale totem pole and will prototype the process. I machine knit a flat piece of fabric with 'eye holes' in it. Sew into a tube and using Paverpol, make it suitable, ie stiff and waterproof, for an outdoor sculpture.
The holes will be covered with 'eyes' that I'm hoping to crochet. I don't know how many I want to make so will start with 8 and maybe some fallen and broken totems.
I have no idea how they are going to stand up. That will be part of the prototyping process, and I'm hoping to be able to do some sanding to give some a more weathered look.

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