Tuesday, 3 March 2009


What a luxury! Spending a dedicated couple of hours exploring shapes.

We were asked to sketch shapes that appeal to us with a view to cutting them out, eventually in cardboard, then in wood, to create a sculpture.

Initially, the idea was to just explore flat shape. I followed my current path of totems and eyes. These are the test cut out shapes I have come up with so far.

It's interesting seeing what everyone else was doing, all the differents sorts of shapes. Things that looked like something but weren't, curves, straight lines. Alot of fun and laughter.
The other interesting aspect of having someone looking at your work is that they see things that you may have missed. A ' everything seems symmetrical' comment from the teacher made me look at everything again and I came up with:
This has alot more potential, but I need to do more research.
Fortunately, we have a couple of weeks to look. I'm going to find some more totem poles.

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Chrisy said...

Oh this all sounds so interesting!