Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Catching up

I seem to be quite behind in my blogging. SnB, Harrietville, magazines, art, all are beckoning. My mornings have become short (which is when I can work on the computer - quiet, no boys, access....) and that is a subject for another entry.....later.

However, I have to start somewhere.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I've just subscribed to Piecework and that it had arrived and I really liked the idea for a 'Sontag'. The issue I received focused on textiles for reenactment. Not something I really am interested in, I always like to learn from the past but use it in a modern context. However, Piecework didn't let me down and there are a number of really interesting projects: a 17th Century undershirt, Civil war socks and a Sontag. As always the articles are interesting and the issue is dotted with wonderful old photographs.

The Sontag was named apparently after a German Soprano and also called a 'bosom friend'. It was used for extra warmth, though I feel today in our air-conditioned world, it would add that little extra warmth we need, rather that big jumpers.

I can imagine this is a fantastic novelty or big slubby yarn, totally changing the look.

I am keen, at the moment to come up with some sort of 'little' warmer for sale. Not great big jumpers, just a little something to keep you warm.

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Leonie said...

Won't be there today, the call of the children on school holidays is stronger!