Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Knitting on the train

The first few months of this year have been hectic as I try to incorporate my new studies into my already busy schedule. Having made it to Term 2 in one piece I feel a bit more in control of the schedule. The house is still a mess, there is way too much 'just in time' management and I'm still not drawing enough. (Drawing the foundation for everything!) But, hey....

Mondays are sculpture class. This is what I wanted to do the most. The teacher is terrific and is busy teaching us the tools of the trade. We've done a cardboard mock up of a sculpture we're turning into a finished wooden sculpture. I've learnt to use a jigsaw and am currently trying to figure out how to cover wood in plastic!

As I've mentioned before, one of the benefits of going into the city is knitting on the train. Yesterday was some fingerless mittens knit from some dyed yarn from First Editions. (That stop is Euroa is really dangerous!) I wanted a stitch that would show off the small dots of colour and thought that some sort of slip stitch effect would be good.

What I came up with (I'm sure there's a stitch in a dictionary somewhere, but I was in the train!) was to yrn twice on every second stitch and slip that on the return purl row. Then alternate that.
As I knit it on the train it unfolded and was lovely and I was happy!.

Today, I off to SnB Rosanna, just a quick trip as I'm off to Ivanhoe Library to give a talk to their Creative Craft group. So if you're in Ivanhoe from 11-12pm, come and see me.

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