Monday, 20 April 2009

More on holidays and spinning

Going on holiday with your family is about time spent with each other without the distractions of work, washing and various electronic devices. I'm not a fan of the term 'quality time', spending time in itself is enough. I enjoy wandering around a gallery looking at art with my son, but I also enjoy sitting around a table listening to the boys argueing about football (not my favourite topic!)

At home it's sit down, eat as fast as possible and return to whatever you were doing before. At a restaurant you have to take time to order drinks, read menus, wait for everything and wait for everyone to might as well enjoy the company.

Going on holiday also means leaving work behind, closing the Etsy shop, cleaning the house (well making it presentable enough that you don't groan upon return!) and warning partner to minimise use of Blackberry.
I must admit that I did take the fibre sandwich from Harrietville with me and during quiet times spun it all up on the CD spindle. It went quicker than I thought and when I got home I plied it with the never ending bobbin of purple.
I decided to create a bit more texture by creating a bead yarn. This means allowing one single to wrap around the other rather than evenly plying. It's basically a matter of different tensions. I held the fine purple single firmly and the lovely fibre sandwich single quite loosely. I love the finished yarn.
I've decided not to sell this skein but will make me a pair of buttoned fingerless mittens. I'll wear them everywhere and show off.....a little bit!

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Leonie said...

That looks like such a lovely yarn, no wonder you don't want to sell it! Can you bring it tomorrow? I might actually make it this week and would love to see it "in person"