Sunday, 10 May 2009

A perfect world!

Happy Mothers Day to all mothers, may the day bring you joy and love.

My boys made me breakfast: pancakes, fruit, juice, coffee and even a newspaper outside in our lovely garden on a beautiful Autumn morning. I even received a new Bill Bryson book. So apart from this rotten cold, this is just the way I like mothers day....

And sometimes you just know when you've got it right. Just one pattern row into this latest fingerless mitten and I knew it was right.

Multi coloured yarns are always a challenge. You buy/dye them in awe of the beautiful colour combinations only to struggle to keep that beauty in the finished product.

One of the approaches I like to use is the slip stitch. This one is from 'The Harmony Guide to Practical Knitting Stitches'.

I've been madly knitting pairs of squares for my fingerless mittens as I'm about to get back into Incube8r. This Wednesday in fact. I'm very excited, and hopeful. I've bitten the bullet and booked a higher level cube, I think I can make it look a bit better and it's worthwhile having a go.

Here, are my pile from the previous week all waiting for their buttons to be sewn on: about 100 in all! Isn't the slip stitch pattern gorgeous?

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