Saturday, 6 June 2009

A beautiful day

After a very slow start yesterday, I finally made my way out to my workshop. My attention was grabbed by the moss growing in my garden. We have had rain for the start of winter. Unfortunately, as my gardening friend tells me, not enough to water the ground very deeply, but as you can see enough for moss to grow.

I love moss, it's beautifully fragile and on a bright sunny day just glows.

So I sat down with the door open to suddenly hear the most beautiful twittering just outside. A small flock of honeyeaters had discovered the correa outside and with their most elegant beaks were gathering nectar. They're tiny with dusky yellow belly and delicate markings and like all small birds easily frightened, so no pictures for you.

I did go out this morning to take a picture of the correa to discover that what must have attracted them was the first blush of flowering as most flowers were not fully formed or open. So hopefully, they will be back!

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