Thursday, 25 June 2009

Review week

My blogging life has slowed to a trickle, changes in routines and competition for computer time (I compete with THREE males for access) have been responsible for this situation. With Review week over and a two and a half week break before I start my next semester studies, I'm hoping to re-organise (read tidy-up/clean-up) to enable more regular blogging.

As I mentioned, this week is Review week. We each bring in our folio of work and talk to a group of four teachers, two of mine and two of the other wonderful teachers, and they 'review' the work and talk over with you, the first six months. There is no 'mark' as such, but you do need to have done work.

My main problem was the amount of work I hadn't finished. I seem to be working, but not finishing. I was concerned, however, none of the teachers were. They liked what I was doing and saw the amount of work I had put into what had been done so far. It was a lovely session and very affirming. I've been feeling good for a little while now about what I'm doing, yes successful markets and positive teachers does wonders for the self esteem.

So I thought I'd show you some of my work.

I have three subjects where folio work is important: drawing, sculpture and painting, each has a wonderful teacher and in the case of painting, two teachers. They are all amazing artists in their own right and we all feel very privileged.

Drawing has provided real solid progress. I hadn't expected this, as I've done drawing over the years and approached it from the practice point of view, I hadn't really expected to learn so much so early. I've included the last picture for the semester and it represents alot. It's in colour, something I've always had difficulty working with. I was happy with the result at the end of the class, and I was shown and understood how I could have improved it further. Such alot!
Sculpture was really what I started this course for. I wanted to understand the process and learn techniques that would be useful. We had to do, in the end four sculptures: a cardboard mockup, which we would translate into a wooden structure, a found object sculpture and we also carved into polystyrene.
None of these were finished. However, I am very pleased at their progress and they will be completed both over the next two weeks and early in next semester. Saving time at home to do work is going to be important for this subject.
My found objects, eventually, all came out of the workshop, those odd knitting needles, empty cotton spools, that for some reason I'd kept?, and all those swatches that I've done over the years provided a wealth of colour. See, all you doubting Thomas' swatching is useful!
I'm calling the piece 'Landscape'.
My polystyrene wall piece is from the drawing I did as a result of my visit to the Yayoi Kasuma exhibition in Sydney. This has been such fun carving into polystyrene and the piece I felt that I knew where I was going. Further sanding and painting is required.
Photographing the work has also provided a really good idea about the finish. I want to paint it show varying tones of grey to highlight the height changes. With the sun on the work, it really shows the possibilities. It has no name, yet. (Suggestions welcome)
The last work is my painting. I have struggled with painting. This is the first time I've used oils and my first canvas. To say I was happy is almost an understatement. I called it 'Thursday Afternoon' (thanks to Aileen and Dina - I'm not really good at names) as it is the view out of the 6th floor window. It was my 'landscape' for the first year exhibition and drew lovely comments from many.
These pieces represent a major leap for me, To be able to show them and to think they represent the first six months of four years means alot.
All the inspiration I can give is for everyone to follow their dream whatever the challenges and barriers, it can be an amazing journey.

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Textile Tragic said...

Wow Teresa! I particularly like the landscape piece in oils and the emerging sense of your artist-self developing as I read what you've done this semester. I'm glad it's going so well for you.