Friday, 3 July 2009

Beautiful Silks and Precious Purl

I've been waiting for a little while to visit Beautiful Silks. (100 Victoria St. Fitzroy) Friends have been regaling me with tales of the treasure trove that can be found there. Yesterday was the day. So on a wet winter's day we found refuge in the silk filled rooms that is Beautiful Silks.

As well as an extremely well stocked shop is a large workroom and a teaching room. We interrupted a double knitting workshop being run by the renowned Jude Skeers.

As you can see from my purchases I managed to pick up some silk yarn, more silk fabric for my silk scarves, some silk waste and fabric remnants, to play with and a couple of large beautiful yellow buttons. I think they're the wrong yellow but will be used another day!

Along with that are some yarns and buttons from Precious Purl. Unseen is more waste silk fabric already used in the chocolate wrap yarn.

After Beautiful Silks, coffee was in order. Then a search for the address and off to Precious Purl (397 Brunswick St. Fitzroy), 'just around the corner'. They are the outlet for Lara Downs and used to be in the same building as Beautiful Silks. A little shop on the mezzanine floor in a shop I didn't know about Calico House(?). Another treasure trove......amongst other things fabric for printing.

They're a little shop but well worth the visit.

On the way back, I called in at Incube8r to say hello to the lovely Isy and found two more sales, hooray.


Leonie said...

Score! Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

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