Friday, 10 July 2009

The fog's lifting

It's an interesting feeling coming out of a head cold, that feeling that you can't think slowly lifts and at some point you realise you still have a functioning brain. This is where I am and hopefully not too much chaos has occurred. I haven't managed to clean the house, with an 18th birthday coming up this is a problem, still a week to go before the first influx of people!
Anyway, I did manage to complete some work, though some is still going having been frogged, oh so many times.
These yarns are a case in point. Yes, the last of the chocolate. The first is the chocolate wrapper, I was running out of wrappers, but managed to find more. Faced with more searching I decided to just finish adding in the last of the fabric. I was very tired at the time....
Then not being content to just ply the rest together I needed to do something, but could I think of something interesting and, just decided to rely on the standby knot yarn. I like how it turned out, but....
More pictures will come as they finish drying and I get my head around recharging the camera battery.

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Leonie said...

I'm still in that fog, are you sure my brain is in here somewhere?????