Wednesday, 14 October 2009


No, I'm not participating in Blogtoberfest, but I really wanted to. My good friend Dr. Bones, is, and I am trying to increase the number of posts I'm doing this month!

My favourite post from the said Blogtoberfester (?) is the most gorgeous picture of two of her boys. (One big and one small)

As well, I've been meaning to post about Dr Bones' web site, Luv Lees Knits. We've been following the progress at Snb and it's now up and running. She knits classic styled baby clothes in the most gorgeous luxury fibres.....we all get a look as they come off the needles and suitably ooh and aah. So go over and have a look.

PS, how weird does her logo look on my background......hers is much nicer!

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Leonie said...

Thanks Teresa. The logo looks funny on your background because it has a transparent background and looks right on white! So it comes up on google reader ok, just looks funny on black. Will see if I can find one for you that isn't transparent.