Thursday, 22 October 2009

End of year crazy

No, not me, my young man (not a child anymore) has finished his school days. All that is now left are the exams. They've had muck up (oops), celebration week starting with a costume day and finishing, yesterday, with a big school assembly and being water bombed?

His costume, for Monday was 'the Doppler effect', a suitably nerdy and obtuse reference in a television program. The names of which I have completely forgotton (and he's sleeping in after having dinner and drinks at the Old England Hotel, so I can't ask him).

Sunday was spent buying a cheap t-shirt and tracksuit pants and cutting up interfacing and ironing it on. (He did most, I did the ironing.......he had a party to go to, so ran out of time!)

It did turn out rather well.

He's had a good week and it is strange to now stand back and watch him make his own way in the world. The last event with the school is the valedictory dinner in November, when the exams are over and we can celebrate these wonderful young people.

Good luck to all the VCE students taking exams this year.

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Leonie said...

Good Luck to him in his exams, I hope he does well!