Thursday, 25 March 2010

It can't be a mistake!

Remember this:

Well, I've turned it into this:

I love it! I've spent hours on it and the colour transitions have shown up really well, the pattern is interesting and I have enjoyed the whole process.

What's wrong? you may well ask......

I've been merrily knitting along, my only thought being that it will be lovely and swirly. So having finished it....there is no more doesn't work as a scarf. It isn't long enough to tie, or swirly enough, or, or, or

The only thing I've come up with is a cross between a wrap and a capelet. All it needs is a pin. I need reassurance. I am going to take it along this weekend to Harrietville. A weekend away with like-minded (well, some of them, I am a bit strange!) spinners and knitters. I will put it on the show and tell table and ask for opinions....

I am NOT pulling it out!


Textile Tragic said...

I love it--definitely as a collar-capelet. What about a button or three instead of a pin--bone buttons?

Leonie said...

Mmmm challenging!!! See what your compatriots say this weekend.

Moorecat said...

We didn't try putting it around your neck (not too tightly) wrapped like a neckwarmer.