Wednesday, 26 May 2010

It's so busy!

I'm sure I'm not the only one, but isn't this year strange? I can't seem to get on top of everything and then there are all the weird changes that seem to be favourite shop changing hands, people selling houses, us building....the list does go on.

So that's where I've been, worrying about building (getting up early and moving the car for the builders!), all my classes, starting a new market (the Rose St. Artists' market) and just getting on with living.

Rose St. Artists' market is a work in progress. My second market was a distinct improvement, but there is a way to go. I realised that much of the difference comes down to not having a group of wonderful regular customers/friends who either buy something or bring their friends and family along. That's what happens when you've been at a market awhile. So I just have to perservere!

I did want to show you what I did yesterday! In a class called 'Workshops', we have guest artists who come along and show us a technique or way to work. For two weeks we have the wonderful Junko who is teaching us Japanese calligraphy techniques. Quite obviously the tip of an enormous iceberg.....she practiced bamboo for six weeks, we did and hour and a half. However, it was lovely. A very different approach, the actual painting is quick, but because it is about single strokes, you really need to focus on what you are going to do and the act of carrying it out. It's very meditative.

As part of the course we have been given these wonderful tools.

And here is my first bamboo!

Oh! and here's the house without the last couple of days, they've been bricklaying and electrifying!

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