Thursday, 7 October 2010

TTL mystery sock knit - warning pictures!

Ok, I've started the cuff for the mystery knitalong. It was released last Friday and I've managed to do one. However, I have decided that I should be doing two at the same time. This should ensure that I manage to complete the project in time!
 You may just notice that mine looks a little different from my friend Dr Bones's and you would be right. The yarn I purchased is thicker than recommended, but, with the, rarely convenient, large feet, I have calculated that if I knit the smallest size I am only 2 stitches out. It seems to be correct.

Now all I have to do is find another set of needles and start the other sock. So far, it's fun!

1 comment:

Leonie said...

Store the completed one on a smaller size pair of needles and use the same needles to knit both pairs and then there won't be any dodgy differences!!