Tuesday, 27 December 2011

How many socks can I knit in a week?

It's a strange week, that week between Christmas and the New Year. Almost like an extra week. You've got over the rush of Christmas, there's not really much to do for the New Year, unless YOUR hosting the party! I'm sure it's just another week, if the weather is cold and wintry, but here we're in the SUMMER holidays.

For my family, we all head off to the cricket. India vs Australia. It starts Boxing Day and takes a meandering 5 days, well, that's what it's looking like. I was keen to go and see Sachin Tendulkar attempt to make his 100th 100, but didn't quite make it today. Great to see a legend though and possibly his last tour here.

Where do the socks come in? Well I don't HAVE to do anything this week, it's not January, December work is over, so I've decided to knit some of this sock yarn sitting there, not quite in my stash, because I'm supposed to knit them.

The first one is the 'mojo sock' by Donyale Grant out of Yarn Magazine, Vol 11, Issue 23. She blogs at and if this design is anything to go by, is a lovely designer. I'll have a look another time.

I've done one and 1/2 socks and should finish this first one tonight or tomorrow morning depending on the cricket....oh and the washing!

I like this design, it's asymmetrical and has endless possibilities, plus it's toe up (never done before) and an afterthought heel (never done before) with a magic cast on (successful attempt this time).

Thursday, 8 December 2011

A finished project

Finally finished the jumper for my oldest son. I'm quite happy with it, though the sleeves are longer than I would like....HE likes them. The colours for the fairisle pattern have worked out really well and he does look very handsome when he's wearing it. Yes, despite the warm weather, he has worn it out at night.

The pattern is from the Yarn Forward (now called Knit, for some strange reason, they renamed the magazine, so I can't pick it out from all the other '...knit....' magazines. An original name would have been nice, I'm sure they used a focus group to decide that!) and I did wait a along time before he decided that he wanted me to knit a jumper for him, but it was worth the wait.