Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Managed one pair of socks

This was for last week, however, computer glitches and trips to the beach and warm weather and more good things have meant that I'm a bit behind!

I did manage to finish the first pair of socks....well almost...with afterthought heels, well this one, you have to graft the last stitches and it's not my favourite job. My friend, Dr Bones knows how to knit grafting, but I can't get it into my day! This is surprising, as I've had quite a revelation with these toe up socks and suddenly feel quite confident about amending them entirely and making a whole new sock design. And, yes, I know, with purl stitches on a multi-coloured yarn you get all sorts of crazy colouring and don't really do the yarn justice. But that was deliberate and I quite like the effect.

 My next pair are also multi-coloured, and, luxurious. I was keen to try my new found confidence with these and started with my modified toe-up design. Starting with the toe, I've made it a k1, sl1 pattern, alternating with a knit row. This is often used on heels, which it will be for this, but I always wear out at the toe, so I'm adding this to see if it works for reinforcing the toe.

The pattern I chose was to suit the yarn, and is a slip stitch pattern. These are good as you get a longer piece of colour and it's move around. This is a twisted slip stitch from a Harmony stitch guide. It's subtle, but started out really well.

You can't quite see the pattern yet, but wait!