Thursday, 29 March 2012

End of term 1

It's been a very short term one, with term 2 looming as a long 11 weeks. What have I been doing? My sculpture major is being worked on partly with intent, I know the first thing I want to do, but there's a certain black hole for the next piece. I want three works for the end of year. This is not set in concrete, just an aim.

What have I been doing....crocheting video tape!

Here is the initial inspiration, based on the wonderful nests of the very appropriate weaver birds.

They've become more organically shaped, with me working to see what would happen. There wasn't much of a plan, just an overall shape. This is what happened:

Certainly looks weird in the photo! I'm intending a number of large and small ones, some with different materials included. Right now I'm just hoping it works!

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Arty Lady's blog said...

Very nice - I was going to spin some cassette tape once I get a chance to go Opp shopping and build up my supply.
Do you have a supply of books in your shop? I was hoping to buy one tomorrow night before the STORM game but not going now, so it will need to wait to their next home match. Ta Liz