Saturday, 24 March 2012

Field photography in the city

Today was a wonderful day spent in the city on one of my friend Leanne's photography field trips. This was a chance to get better acquainted with my new camera, enjoy a day with a friend and hopefully get some worthwhile photographs.

If 236 photos, sore feet and this blog entry is anything to go by, it was indeed a success!

We started with a quick look down a lane and lots of stairs, before a coffee, a read of my manual and some further familiarisation with my camera and we were on our way!

Hosier Lane is renowned for it's amazing display of the work of graffitti artists. The energy, the cleverness and downright naughtiness made for some fabulous photos.

There was St. Pauls'

Lots of laneways and arcades, Myers, the Post Office and Melbourne Central.

We finished the day with another icon:

I've just picked out a random collection of photos, not necessarily the best. Please forgive me, it takes awhile to process 236 photos!

A testement to the day is that it's prompted a redesign of the blog and this entry. I feel alot happier with my new camera. There's alot more to learn.......but there are more field trips!

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Leanne Cole said...

Your images are great, I glad you had a great day. I did too. I love showing people how to take photos. Of course, the company was fantastic too. thanks for coming.