Monday, 26 March 2012

Haircuts and birthdays at Rose St. Artists' Market

I spent Sunday at the Rose St. Artists' Market. March is my 'announcing the start of the Winter season' market. Not many sales, but lots of interest as, hopefully, people get a look at what I have to offer, some new things, some not so new and remember me later when they're cold and need some handmade cheering up.

Even though I didn't manage to make many sales, (the fingerless mittens with buttons, still seem to be a winner!) it was a lovely day. I got my haircut by the very interesting artist, Aero. (Sorry, no photos, you just have to ask me to coffee!) One of the stallholders had her birthday and there was much merriment and good spirits as she is a permanent stallholder there. Esther sells the most wonderful photographs.

I also had a lovely space where I could hang my wall hangings and spread out.

The main thing that I took away from the market is the usual, I need more signage and a little updating of my display. Maybe I'll get a chance this week.

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