Monday, 30 July 2012

Catch up installment 3 - What do you do in the tropics?

Knit socks, of course.

We went to the lovely Port Douglas for a week in the school holidays. Much more developed than when partner and I had gone some 25 years ago, but the four mile beach is still amazing to walk along in the morning and you can get a decent coffee at the end!

Unfortunately, it was a bit too windy to go out and snorkel on the reef, but a trip to Cape Tribulation was lovely and the general relaxing atmosphere and the ability to wear t-shirts everyday made the stay seem way too short.

I did have to have something to do on the long plane trip and in those quiet moments in the evening. Bliss.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Catch up - instalment 2 - it's a 21st!

A 21st birthday is still a celebration, despite the 18th birthdays, the 16th birthdays, all sorts of graduations and events. It marks the entry into adulthood, possibly in a more serious way than the 18th. The 18th is a bit can now vote, drive and drink. Well here in Australia, anyway.

So, my oldest has turned 21. We've had a lovely Sunday lunch with family and close family friends at Cafe Matto in Heidelberg, run by an old friend of ours. It was a lovely lunch and we were well catered for. My kids still have both sets of grandparents and they enjoyed helping him celebrate.

We then followed up with a party at our house for about 25 of Michael's friends. It was catered for by good friends of ours. It was fun catching up with these young people, many of whom we had not seen since VCE. Boy, they sure do grow up!

Here is Michael thanking his friends.

It's fun to discover your son makes funny speeches and lovely to hear his friends talk about him with genuine warmth.

Happy 21st birthday!

It was an odd birthday: arthroscopy on his knee ON his actual birthday, singing nurses are just fun! Blue icing, that was a little TOO blue, everyone with blue mouths.

I hope he remembers it well.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Catch up with my trips - Instalment 1 - Bendigo!

Yes, it's that time of the year again! If you can, you've probably been to the Australian Sheep and Wool Show in Bendigo. A must pilgrimage for those interested in anything woolly. From those selling their sheep and showing them to fashion and those of us in between.

As usual, we travelled en masse on the train to Bendigo. It may be an early start, but it is very convivial with six of us and attracting more on the two hour journey as we knit and chat.....and the journey home.

It's a time to meet people, look at the Woolcraft competitions, sheep, some cooking, and, of course, the various traders. There's lots more, some day I'll do more than just glance at the sheep dog trials. Amazing owners controlling dogs, controlling sheep....most of the time!

I did manage to make a few purchases.

There's the natural coloured wool tops and yarns.
LLama fibre from Granite Haven Llamas, tops from Jarob Farm, Chocolate yarn from Bennett & Gregor and a huge (500g) cone of Cash/Merino 1ply from the amazing Charly at Ixchel.
There's the brightly coloured tops.
from Kathy's fibres and Wool n Wire...

Can't wait, must start......

Spinning some wool tops,

and, knitting the amazing mink/angora from Charly.

Next year, it will be even more exciting.........see you there!