Sunday, 5 August 2012

All about the socks

Anyone who has started on the knitting socks journey, ie. has knit more than one and the dreaded second sock sydrome need no longer be mentioned, will tell you that these are the perfect journey, waiting room, etc. project. They're small enough to just pop into a bag. Once you've mastered the basic idea there are few difficulties (unless, of course, you choose to embark on a difficult patterm), and, you can never have too many hand-knitted socks, that is, unless there are also others who appreciate handknitted socks, and then you have the never ending reason for knitting yet another pair of socks. And, they're just complicated enough to be enjoyable to knit.

The reason I didn't tell you about the yarn is that it is just a yarn from Spotlight that I picked up when I had the delightful combination of a gift voucher and discount voucher! Wool with a bit of nylon. A good combination.

It's interesting yarns for socks, I've found that the cheap and cheerful are as robust and reasonable as some of the more beautiful yarns. And, helpfully, packing space at a premium, you don't need a pattern, with the sock pattern conveniently on the back!.

I'm now modifying patterns for my feet: right foot bigger than left, and, I tend to wear a hole in the toe first so that is re-inforced in the same way heels are. While toe decreasing I knit in between the decreases as follows:

     Row 1: K1, slip 1....
     Row 2: Knit

This gives a lovely reinforcement that seems to be working.

And simple sock patterns can be modified when you start the second:

Alternating bands of knit, then purl give a big cuff that I hope will hang over the edge of my ankle boots, of which I have a small, not quite yet, collection.

The next socks on the horizon are black!


Textile Tragic said...

I'm with you as a recent sock-knitting convert:)

Knitspingirl said...

Welcome to the "Sisterhood of the Travelling Sock!"