Sunday, 26 August 2012

The view at Rose St.

There comes a time when decisions need to be made. I love Rose St. Artists' Market, the people, the stalls, the community, but, it's not working for me. This Winter has been particularly disappointing with the last two markets being, basically, dismal. I don't exactly know why. It's not Rose St.'s fault, they advertise, they're about to go through renovations that will see exciting new things happening.

As  I sat there and thought, there was the beautiful site of the stall across the way.

I love the 'squashed' look, the simple shapes and colours and then the contrast with the flowers. The young man sells jewellery, but also makes these pots. They're handbuilt. Just love them.

I will think about Rose St. next Winter and I'll have a last market there, for this year, in September. I look forward to it.


Chiara Z said...

love those wonky pots--and I hope something shifts for you on the market front.

Leonie said...

Such a shame that Rose St isn't working out :-(