Saturday, 19 January 2013

McClelland Sculpture Park & Gallery

Thanks to the need for an electrician at Phillip Island, I ended up staying an extra night. So, what to do? I sheepishly admit, that I've never been to the McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery. It was time to remedy this deficiency in my artistic educatiion.

It was so worth it!

The permanent collection, in the glorious sunshine, numbers 101 sculptures. Currently, they have the McClelland Sculpture survey & award for 2012. There are also two exhibitions in the indoor galleries: Janet Laurence with 'The Alchemical Garden of Desire' and John Gollings with 'Aftermath: landscape photographs' from Blach Saturday. Both are worth having a look at.

In particular, I was impressed and amazed by the photographs by John Gollings. With a video of him talking about how and why these photographs were taken, adding to the impact of the photographs, it made for compelling viewing. They were both powerful, as you would expect from the subject matter, and also, more surprisingly, beautiful.

Taken from the air, via helicopter, many took on an abstract look and others strangely anthropomorphic. My immediate response was to decide to take close-up pictures of the sculptures I saw, out of context, and see what would happen.

Here they are:

Well, some of them.

It was a fun day, and I will be back to see the permanent sculptures....there WAS alot to see!

Oh, and by the way, the McClelland Spinners and Weavers meet with envy!

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