Monday, 21 January 2013

On an excursion

I've just arrived back from a morning spent visiting the Victorian Wool Processors, where they scour and clean wool commercially, THEIR stash is 6000 bales!

Anyway, the lovely Marion Wheatland from Fancy Spinning a Yarn organised the trip to Laverton with members of her various spinning groups to see how it's done commercially. It was an amazing trip, numbers are just huge from the amount of water they use, to the number of bales processed and everything in between.

We saw the bales arrive and being stacked ready for processing.

They're opened up, washed, dried, crushed (to remove vegetable matter!) washed again, blown into big bins, then checked and baled up again!

And, there were lots of interesting facts, such as how much vegetable matter is in the fleece....but didn't we all know that! Just seeing it in bulk really brings it home!

With a few bags of fleece to give away, as well, they were very generous with their knowledge and time and it was very appreciated.

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