Tuesday, 9 April 2013

My new image

There's so much to blog about: Harrietville, spinning Samoyed, the guild group exhibition, 'Home' exhibition, Herring island and so much more. There needs to be a lot of catching up.....

But I'm ignoring all that, I'm so excited, I've just picked up my new business card:

and my new swing tag:

They were done by a local printer: Copies R Us and the lovely graphic designer, Michelle. 

I can still write on the inside of the tags, as I have done. I like to give each article I make a history and a personal touch, so that the recipient knows exactly what has gone in to producing the item. But I have thought I needed to update the image to something more professional.

It was a difficult decision as the picture is of my 'Empty Nests' sculpture, which is artwork, but the tags will be attached to more practical items. It is also now the image on my Etsy shop. It shows handspun paper, woven into nests with copper's me!



Knitspingirl said...

Love the new look!

Leanne Cole said...

They look fantastic Teresa.