Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Yes, I do have a new wheel

I'm not really sure why, but when you have one spinning wheel, after a while, it seems to need company and eventually you have more! I have four. Now to justify the first three is sort of easy: one is my first wheel, an Ashford traveller, which lives at the beach; the second is a traditional Ashford, which I keep for my general, everyday spinning; the third is a Poly wheel, which is for all my big chunky spinning.

Surprisingly, I have been on the lookout for another wheel, but it was supposed to be for fine spinning and portable. Unfortunately, my friend Marion from Fancy Spinning a Yarn had a lovely wind wheel for sale. I resisted for quite a time, but finally succumbed.

Here it is:

 It's a wonderful quirky wheel that I've seen over the years. Everyone who has one loves them and I've had a spin on them and they're a very gentle wheel. Needless to say, I've always wanted one. It does fulfil one of my needs it does fold like this:

It's an Ettrick wind wheel and there's a history I don't quite know, but they weren't the original designer of the wheel. It has changed over time and they're still currently being made. Check out Ettrick. There's an interesting website, Australian Spinning Wheels, that has a brief description of various Australian wheels, including the wind wheel.

After my spilling of oil on the drive band, the wheel is slowly returning to normal...note to careful with oil!


Leonie said...

Hey hey, the comments are working this time :-)

Is the drive band made of rubber at all? Coz the oil will rot it over time, if not, just ignore me!

Also, if you have the space and the need then why not a fourth or even fifth wheel?

Teresa said...

Not sure what the drive band is made of, but I've made every attempt to get rid of the oil. Will continue to monitor.

I am thinking of another wheel....finances.....

Living Journey said...

I know the person who developed this wheel, and my husband helped to make them many years ago. They are a Kruger Wind Wheel. Made in South Australia. I have one, my mum has one too. Mine hasn't been used in many years, and is a bit stiff. The belt from memory is a fan belt from a car, or something.

Rhys Farrall said...

A company named Tasman Belting P/L (Australia), can make you a replacement belt of VERY high quality if you need one (I use them on my engine reconditioning machinery).